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Territorial Kansas, May 30, 1854 | Kansas Day, January 29, 1861

The Kansas Heritage Group history archives are devoted to digitally preserving Kansas' past, giving future generations the opportunity to learn from family and local Kansas history online. Browse through Kansas history sites and also receive information on how to contribute. The Kansas History Gateway, established by Lynn H. Nelson as HNSource on March 6, 1993, was the second WWW public web site; the first Kansas history online. Kansas history and art museums, libraries, genealogy and events are included. The KS Heritage Group is an unfunded group of volunteer maintainers.

"I would like to thank, on behalf of all the people who have benefited from it, Lynn Nelson for his great effort to build and maintain the WWW Virtual Library for History." Tim Berners-Lee, WWW Inventor, www.w3.org, November 2004.

Kansas History: Kansas native tribes to 20th Century KS history

Dust Bowl History Black Sunday, April 14, 1935: 75th Anniversary

19th Century Kansas Traveling Shows & Cowboy Blues: Early Black Music In The West

4th of July, 1890, Fort Dodge, Kansas Soldiers Home

Buntline Special Reconsidered Original research

Prairie Fires on the Santa Fe Trail

Blizzards at Fort Dodge, KS

Battle of Osawatomie, 1856 | What John Brown Did In Kansas

Langston Hughes African-American Writer, Poet, Kansan

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    The Medical Front WWI

    Dr. Geoffrey Miller, author [massive site on all medical aspects, military and civilian, of World War One, the Great War, including the flu pandemic.]

    Also see WWW-VL: Military: WWI History & WWW-VL: Military: WWII History

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    [For the many new Kansas friends from the Balkans.]

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    Kansas Heritage Group, "Pioneer Trails From U. S. Land Surveys" (by Morris Werner, 1988-1989), http://www.kansasheritage.org/werner/ (accessed January 01, 2015).

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    The Kansas Heritage Group is managed by George Laughead Member: Kansas Museums Association | Kansas State Historical Society | Mountain-Plains Museums Association | American Alliance of Museums | the late American Assoc. for State & Local History . Thanks to the late Dr. Lynn H. Nelson, a true son of Chicago, who explains HNSource the first history site on the WWW, established March 1993.

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