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Railroads in Kansas

M. P. (Missouri Pacific Railroad) (?-1930)

Miscellaneous Missouri Pacific Places

How do these connect if at all?
Elsmore (Elsinore)--Allen County
Kimball (Dalton)--Neosho County
Norwich--Kingman County


Missouri Pacific Railway--Main Line


St. Louis, Holden,


Wyandotte County

Kansas City,

Atchison County

Atchison (terminal)(Nebraska extension --> Omaha, NE) (--> St. Joseph, MO)


Missouri Pacific Railroad--Main Line

Miami County

Louisburgh, Somerset, Paola Junction (junction Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway [leased line]),


Franklin County

Rantoul, Larimore, Ottawa,

Osage County

Morris County

Council Grove, Kelso,

Rice County


Barton County


Greeley County





Missouri Pacific Railroad--Main Line (St. Louis, Kansas and Arizona Division)

Southern Kansas and Central Division




Miami County

Louisburgh, Somerset, Paola Junction (junction Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway [leased line]), Osawatomie (--> Ottawa Branch), Amo,

Franklin County


Anderson County

Greeley, Hecla, (crosses the A.T.S.F. R.R.), Garnett, Kincaid,

Coffey County

Leroy Junction (Kansas and Arizona Division terminal) (junction Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway [leased line]),

Woodson County

Wilson County



Coffeyville-->Little Rock AR,


Missouri Pacific Railroad--Central Branch

Union Pacific Railway--Central Branch [leased line]

Kansas Central Railroad

Leavenworth County

Leavenworth (junction), Salt Creek, Numis Station?, Pleasant Ridge, Easton,

Jefferson County

Winchester, Valley Falls, Half Mound Station,

Atchison County

Arrington, Larkin,

Jackson County

Darwin?, Elk Station, Holton, Circleville, Soldier City,

Pottawatomie County

Havensville, Havens, Savannah, Onaga, Blaine, Fostoria, Olesburgh (Olsburg), Garrison,


Missouri Pacific Railroad--Central Branch

Union Pacific Railway--Central Branch [leased line]

Wyandotte County

Kansas City, Nearman Station, Nearman, Pomeroy, Connor's Station,

Leavenworth County

Ross, Delaware City, Lansing (Petersburg)(junction with Union Pacific Kansas Division-->Lawrence), Leavenworth (junction), Fort Leavenworth, Kickapoo City,

Atchison County

Oak Mills, Point William, Dalby, Atchison, Parnell, Farmington, Monrovia, Effingham, Muscotah

Jackson County

Whiting, Netawaka

Nemaha County

Wetmore, Goff, Corning, Centralia

Marshall County

Vermillion, Frankfort, Barrett, Elizabeth, Irving, Blue Rapids, (junction Marysville and Blue Valley R.R), Waterville

Washington County

Barnes, Greenleaf --> Washington, Linn, Palmer, Day, Clifton (Vining),

Cloud County

Clyde, Concordia, Yuma --> (Republic Co), Jamestown --> Burr Oak (Jewell Co),

Mitchell County

Scottsville, Danville, Beloit, Glen Elder, Cawker City,

Osborne County

Downs --> Bull's City, New Arcadia, Bethany (Portis),

Smith County

Harlan, Gaylord,

Phillips County

Kirwin, Glade, Speed, Logan,

Norton County

Densmore, Edmond, Lenora,

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank cliff satterfield (cliffs@major.cei.net) for providing this information.


Union Pacific Railroad-Kansas Division

Missouri Pacific Railroad

Leavenworth County

Leavenworth, via Missouri Pacific Railroad, Lansing (Petersburg)(junction with Missouri Pacific Railroad-->Kansas City), Fairmount, Spring Valley P.O.?, Hoge, Big Stranger, Moore's Summit (Summit), Tonganoxie, Reno,

Douglas County

(junction with Kansas Pacific-->Kansas City), Lawrence


Missouri Pacific Railroad

Denver, Memphis and Atlanta Railroad

Conway Springs Subdivision




Sumner County
Conway Springs,

Cowley County
Dexter-->Arkansas City,

Chautauqua County
Cedar Vale, Sedan, (Cana Valley Air Line-->Elk City, west of Peru), Peru, Niotaze (crossed the Chicago, Kansas and Western near Niotaze),

Montgomery County






I must however defend the position that the "MoPac" played a major part in Kansas railroading. Perhaps they had more trackage and trains than either the Union Pacific or the ATSF and certainly more than the CRIP, SLSF or Katy in the state of Kansas.

Between 1948 and 1979 I worked various places on the MoPac and would like to point out that the MP in Ks had some of the most talented railroaders on the entire MoPac system. Their safety records were among the best in the nation. Many hundreds of men and women made up several hundred miles of the Kansas railroad net stretching from Kansas City across KS to Pueblo, Colo and branch lines into Topeka, Salina, Hutchinson, Wichita and many other towns. They also had branch lines across most parts of northern Kansas.

There were several crew change stations on their main line which includes some historical points of interest, such as Osawatomie, Council Grove, Hoisington and Horace.

I worked in Kansas for only 2 or 3 years but learned to know and respect many of the MP people that made up the different railroad divisions that spanned the state.

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