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Railroads in Kansas

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad

A.T. & S.F. Railroad



Atchison County

Atchison (1871), Parnell, Cummingsville,

Jefferson County

Nortonville, Nichols, Valley Falls, Rock Creek, Meriden,

Shawnee County

Topeka, Pauline, Wakarusa,

Osage County

Carbondale, Scranton, Burlingame, Peterton, Osage City-->Lyndon, Barclay,

Lyon County

Reading, Arvonia, Badger Creek, Horton, Emporia, Plymouth,

Chase County

Safford, Elinor, Strong City, Elmdale, Hunt's Station (Silver Creek, Crawfordsville, Clements), Cedar Point (Cottonwood Valley),

Marion County

Florence, Peabody,

Harvey County

Walton, Newton (July 1871)(Wichita & Southwestern R.R.--> Wichita), Halstead, Burrton,

Reno County

Way, Hutchinson/Arkansas River (1872)(junction)(branch-->Wichita),

     |              			|
     |              			|
Sylvia--Reno County,        	Nickerson--Reno County,
Stafford--Stafford County,      Sterling--Rice County,
St. John--Stafford County,	Alden--Rice County,
     |         			Raymond--Rice County,
     |         			Ellinwood--Barton County,
     |                          Fort Zarah--Barton County,
     |         			Great Bend--Barton County (1872),
     |         			Pawnee Rock--Barton County,
     |         			Larned--Pawnee County (1872),
     |         			Garfield--Pawnee County,
     |                          Nettleton--Edwards County,
     |              			|
     |                                  |

Edwards County

Kinsley (1872)(junction), Offerle,

Ford County

Bellefont, Spearville, Dodge City (fall 1872), Sears, Howell,

Gray County

Cimarron (1872),

Finney (Sequoyah) County

Pierceville, Garden City, Sherlock,

Kearny County

Deerfield, Lakin (1872),

Hamilton County

Aubrey (Kendall)(1872), Sutton, Syracuse, Coolidge, Sargent, Colorado border (winter 1872),


Holly, Granada, Blackwell, Caddoa, Las Animas (1875), W. Las Animas, La Junta, Rocky Ford, Apishapa, Nepiesta, Boone, Chico, Pueblo,

New Mexico

Raton Pass (1878), Raton, Las Vegas (1879), Sante Fe (first train arrived 9-Feb-1880).


Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Kansas R.R. (main line)

Douglas County

Lawrence, Sibley, Vinland, Baldwin City, Prairie City,

Franklin County

Norwood, Ottawa Junction (--> Olathe; Ottawa and Burlington R.R. --> Burlington), Princeton, Richmond,

Anderson County

(crosses Missouri Pacific between Hecla and Garnett),

Allen County

Carlyle, Iola, Humboldt,

Neosho County

Chanute, Earlton, Thayer, Morehead,

Labette County

Montgomery County

Cherry Vale (--> Harper), Liberty, Kalloch, Coffeyville,


Santa Fe Railroad

Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Railroad

Kansas City, Burlington and Santa Fe Railroad

Ottawa and Burlington Railroad (leased line)

Johnson County

Olathe Junction, Gardner, Edgerton,

Miami County

Franklin County

Wellsville, LeLoup, Ottawa Junction, Homewood, Ransomville, Williamsburg,

Coffey County

Agricola, Waverly, Hall's Summit, Burlington,


Santa Fe Railroad

Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Kansas Railroad

Southern Kansas and Western Railroad

Montgomery County

CherryVale, Independence, Crane, Elk City,

Elk County

Cowley County

Cambridge, Dorrance, Burdenville, Winfield,

Sumner County

Oxford, Wellington, Mayfield, Milan, Argonia,

Harper County

Albion, Harper,


Santa Fe Railroad

Wichita and Southwestern R.R. from Newton to Wichita

Harvey County

Newton (1871),

Sedgwick County

Park City, Wichita Junction (--> Hutchinson) Derby,

Sumner County

Mulvane Junction, Belle Plaine, Wellington, Hunnewell,


A.T.S.F. Branch from Wichita to ????

Sedgwick County

Wichita Junction (--> Hutchinson)(--> Mulvane), Schulte, Clonmel, Viola,

Sumner County

Kingman County

Norwich, Spivey,

Pratt County

Sawyer, Coats,

1859 The Atchison Topeka Railroad was chartered by the state of Kansas.

1863 Santa Fe was added, a name which was and is popularly used for the whole road.

1871 In some places it was built directly over wagon ruts on the Santa Fe Trail.

1871 It was not until the spring of 1871 that the first seventy-five miles were extended to Newton, Kansas.

A branch line was built from Newton to the southern Kansas cattle town of Wichita, which assured its success as an important cattle shipping point.

Ten years later most of the trail herds headed for Dodge City, another shipping point on this famous railroad line.

The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company
General Offices
P.O. Box 1738
Topeka, Kansas 66628
(785) 357-2000

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